I loved painting this as it reminded me so much of my years at school swimming and getting my first (ill-fitting!) pair of goggles. They never worked, with my eyes still bright red by the end of the session. Still, I adored it. Memories of getting my first pair of go-faster speedo trunks and wishing I was in the swim team.

I still do the swimming thang....and still wish I was in swim's just my belly that's the problem these days!

In the near future, I'm intending to make some of my work available as limited edition prints. If you are interested in a particular work, please ask if it's going to be available.


I'm relatively new to the art scene in Scotland, having jumped ship from the design world a few years ago. My work is making headway though!

Figurative art remains the most inspiring of all art to me. I am a painter who is in love with capturing people in all their diverse forms.

Travelling through Scotland and it's wonderful landscapes, as an artist, it's impossible for me not to be inspired. As I grow older, my desire to capture some of it's beauty gets stronger.

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